We have created a new line of therapeutic  candles 100% hand made, to relax, calm, and harmonize in these difficult times we are experiencing.

They are handcrafted like the rest of our candles, with natural products, soy wax, palm wax, dyes made by us and perfumed with essential oils, and with all the energy, dedication and care that a craftsman gives off when making any job.

For the artisan candle maker, each candle is different, because he makes them one by one putting all his dedication, his passion and energy, thinking that those candles he is making will make the person who receives them happy, since he is a custom work, they are not made in series, if not by order.

The aroma of essential oils, released by our therapeutic artisan candles:  helps to relax, create a balance, leave the mind at rest, and create a pleasant atmosphere.

You don’t need to do meditation to find peace, relaxation; you can just light a therapeutic craft candle, and watch the candle flame swing, a subtle, light movement that looks like a dance.

At the same time the aroma that remains in the environment when the essential oils evaporate, acts as a relaxant, anti-stress, and creates pleasant sensations, from a memory of granny’s cakes when you were small, or the aroma of the mountain, where you have spent pleasant moments breathing the fresh air

Candles can also be scented with Aromatic Essences, which perfume the environment, but do not act on our senses.

When lighting a therapeutic hand  made candle, we must do it with love, putting all our senses, hoping that the light and aroma that they give off will help us to relax, calm down, and calm the stress to keep our minds awake to resolve our concerns.

For this line of therapeutic candles, we have chosen several Angel, Buddha, Ball, Cube, Pyramide  models. Each one with  color and aroma for any situation and moment.

The Magic of Candles:

Candles and the four elements of Nature.

  • AIR – The aroma when burning
  • WATER – Wax when melting
  • FIRE – The candle flame with its movements seems to dance
  • EARTH – Candles materials are all natural : Soy wax, Soy Palm, or Bees Was. You will see the magical power that a simple Candle offer and you put all your desires in it … realizing that  we  involve the Four Elements.

Candles and chakras.

  • Red (root)
  • Orange (sacrum)
  • Yellow (solar plexus
  • Green (heart)
  • Blue (throat)
  • Indigo (third eye)

Candles as offerings.

  • Angel       – Religion
  • Buddha – Religion
  • Witch      – Esotericism – Magic
  • Ball          – Sacred Geometry
  • Cube        – Sacred Geometry
  • Pyramide – Sacred Geometry

Chromotherapy and Aromatherapy candles.

  • Relaxing – Color Pink – Essential oil Pink
  • Antidepressants – Vanilla Yellow Color – Yellow essential oil
  • Mind stimulants -Green color – Rosemary essential oil – Eucalyptus

Candles can also be made with Aromatic Essences, which perfume the environment, but do not act on our senses.