Our candles are based on Aromatherapy and Chromotherapy, they are handmade candles, without any mechanization, made with love to create emotions, peace, tranquility, relaxation.

When a scented candle is lit, not only a relaxing light is achieved, but also a special aroma.

Our candles are designed to activate the senses:

VIEW.- The light of a candle, can give us different sensations, according to the different colors, for instance, Red is fire, energy, passion, Blue is harmony, peace,  Pink is love, sweetness,  Green is hope, well-being.

SMELL. – The candle smell  transmits emotions, transports us to important moments of our life, for instance: Vanilla, the cakes of our home, with  love, and  warmth, Chocolate, energy, happiness, Lavender forest freshly wet from the rain.

Each aroma and color is for a different moment, therefore it is important to have a “Candle Pantry of aromas and light”.

The Champagne glasses, are ideal for special celebrations, romantic dinners, family parties, is the gold color of victory.

Ice cream glasses, cinnamon and vanilla aroma, home smell, tenderness.

Chocolate with cream, chocolate aroma, sweetness.

Cupcakes and cakes can be customized according to your wishes, both in aroma and color.

Line of Relaxation-Meditation, our Buddhas are made with vegetable waxes, without paraffins, thoughts to relax, meditation or happy big Buddha and the 3 little ones, Ganesh, Om and Buddha. As a special place, altar, where to put some flowers and have a personal space for meditation

Cinnamon – Tonic, Stimulant, Aphrodisiac, Antiseptic, Astringent.

Vanilla – Flavoring, Antidepressant, Soothing.

Chocolate – High levels of nutrients and antioxidants. Stimulating

Lavender – Soothing, Relaxing, Antidepressant, Deodorant, Antirheumatic.

Mint – Digestive, Tones nervous system, Astringent.

Rosemary – Stimulating, Energetic, Anti-inflammatory, Diuretic,

Lemon – Refreshing, Antitoxic, Astringent, Depurative, Antiseptic.