The  therapeutic candles are very important in our lives, without realizing when we are sad or low on energy, we light a candle, to accompany us, to illuminate us. Its color, its aroma and its movement accompanies us.

Doing rituals with candles is a way to further enhance the desire to achieve something, a purpose, without realizing it when lighting the candle we put all our energy in that desire, and that helps to achieve it, to see the solution of the problem.

When you light a candle to perform a ritual, you have to take account of several things, the candle quality, which is not toxic, made with natural products, soy wax, palm wax, beeswax, that do not harm health, that has a pleasant aroma, and that is made by hand by a craftsman one by one, with all the dedication and good energy that the craftsman gives off when making the personalized therapeutic candle.

Your clear desires and your inner strength make you enhance what you want.

The same happens with meditation and candles, many times it is difficult to do a meditation because with the situation that is experienced it is difficult to put aside, the problems and relax.

But if you light a candle of the color and aroma that we like the most, you put it in some special place, let’s call it an altar, there you put flowers, a figure of Buddha, Angel, Witch, religious signs, which can be made of scented wax, you burn it, and in silence you watch the candle flame swing, you will inadvertently enter a state of relaxation, and little by little you will focus on the candle and leave your mind at rest.

Our artisan candles are different from the rest of the typical candles, you can find in all kinds of shops.

They are different because they are made by hand, but in a creative way, for us, candles are not just melting the wax and putting it in a mold

We are looking for the creative part, the part where we develop new candle designs, where you not only have a candle, but also a decorative item, that when you are burning you enjoy watching it.

When you have to make a special gift, you can think of our artisan therapeutic candles, they are personalized candle, with a new original, creative design made by our craftsmen with care and dedication, they are decoration pieces, a cactus, a Buddha, an ice cream with toppings  and initials, a cake.

On our website you can find all kinds of personalized candles with innovative designs, according to the moment you need it, a special dinner, a glass of cava, a celebration, a cake, etc.